Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis: Sheesh...doesn't the MSM do any research anymore?

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sheesh...doesn't the MSM do any research anymore?

MainStream Media: OMG, OMG why wasn't Sen. Obama at the Clinton speech? He was golfing! He didn't watch it!

Obama camp: Sen. Obama watched the speech on the Internet.

MainStream Media: OMG, OMG why couldn't he be bothered to show up for this speech?

Jack and Jill Politics Blog: "Happy Birthday, Sasha Obama, who turns the big 7 today"

Yes...blogs are superior.


Blogger brendan said...

dear Linda - i don't ordinarily comment much in the blogosphere (occasionally though), but i have to point out a flaw in your statement that blogs are superior: by definition, journalists have editors (or producers or whatever) and bloggers do not (if they did, it would be a more perfect world). so this whole "citizen journalist" phenomenon won't be inherently better until there's an experienced, time-tested editor to provide perspective for said "citizen journalists." any journalist worth their salt is profoundly grateful that they have an editor. and the best editors make you a far better reporter.
but you're right - the "MSM" fucked up on this one.
cheers - happy sunday.

6/08/2008 11:05 AM  
Blogger CelticDiva said...

Oh, Brendan, you know I think you rock! Besides, you are more affiliated with the independent media than the MSM...that makes you cool. **grin**

Besides, I don't necessarily believe that blogs are superior...well...not always anyway. lol

6/08/2008 11:24 AM  

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