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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Nome Senator Donny Olson testifies for the grand jury

Yup - the grand jury still meets the first week of every month. How'd you like THAT jury duty. (It lasts for 6 months)

So Sen. Olson missed the first day of the special session. Per ADN:
State Sen. Donny Olson, whose offices were searched in the early stages of a federal political corruption investigation, testified before a federal grand jury in Anchorage on Wednesday, according to his lawyer, Paul Stockler.

Olson was subpoenaed to appear and cooperated, Stockler said. Stockler said they've been directed by prosecutors not to say more.

The senator missed the first full day of the special legislative session in Juneau on a natural gas pipeline project.

There is no indication that Olson is a target of the grand jury, Stockler said.

"We've been cooperating for some time and we have a written agreement with the government," the lawyer said.

Olson, a Democrat from Nome, is one of six state legislators whose offices were searched by FBI agents in August 2006, when the federal probe of political corruption burst into public view. All the others are Republicans.

Stockler said he could not say whether Olson's testimony relates to that investigation.

So expect another whole wave of speculation every week as to who is going to be indicted.

Oh, Ben...

Hey...I can dream!

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Blogger Ishmael said...

If things go south for Donny, he can climb into his R-22 and fly away to be with is reindeer herd on Hagemeister Island. That's not as weird as it sounds; just out of date.

6/05/2008 1:35 AM  

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