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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Obama speech=amazing; Clinton speech=infuriating; McCain speech=creepy-old-man-alert

McCain made a HUGE mistake going first.

If you read the speech, it's actually OK.

It's total and complete bull, but it doesn't give me the heebies...it's just irritating as always.

And also, as always, his delivery SUCKS! He comes off as REALLY condescending...to everyone listening. He sounds like he's reading a Dick and Jane book to his grandkids.

Also, he should never, never, never try to laugh during a speech...ewwwwww...it was REALLY creepy...

For Hillary...it was everything she DIDN'T say.

She didn't concede.

She didn't acknowledge Obama as the presumptive nominee.

She kept up the same old drumbeats of "counting every vote" and "winning the swing states."


Obama...well...listen for yourself...


And, yes, I did shed a tear.


Blogger Grimbles said...

Last year's election in Australia had much the same feel. We'd had *11* years with the same guy in charge, an unpleasant little toad by the name of Howard. But when the election came around, it was really a choice between the lesser of two evils: The conservative, almost-70 leader of our conservative party, or the still quite conservative guy from the more liberal party. I was basically voting *against* the old guy, not for the new guy. (Granted, I voted for someone entirely different, but minor parties work differently here: Any votes that don't get them anything, they pass to the major party they're closest to politically.)


If I were living in the States - and a citizen - come November, I'd be voting *for* Obama, not against his opponent. And for a choice in politics to not be about the lesser of two evils, but rather about credibility, honesty and social justice - not just as a sound bite, but as a reality -, well that's exceptional. I'm half a world away. The state of the US healthcare system doesn't affect me, education policy in the US doesn't affect me. But this is exciting. Because Obama in the White House would herald the opportunity for a paradigm shift in the nature of America and its people, away from self-interest and xenophobia (not that you're all like that). It won't happen overnight, but 4 years of Obama could start a domino topple that would be felt across the planet, and make the world a better place - not just a 'richer' one. It might just be the first step, but what a first step.

I cried too >.>

6/04/2008 7:57 AM  

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