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Friday, May 30, 2008

So it gets scarier...

Last night I had to threaten to bar a kid from our neighborhood if he ever again decided that coming over with a big stick was a good way to deal with his anger.

I'm also going to have to remind the daughter of the "creepiest dad in the neighborhood" that she's not welcome to play with the kids. (She's 17 years old and says she likes playing with 10-year-olds because "they have so much in common." Yeah, made every one of my red flags go off too.)

Last year when I told her to find friends her old age, her slime-bag dad in a 70's leisure suit got in my face and said that my daughter was no longer welcome to swim in his pool.

OK...first off, what makes you think I'd let my daughter swim in your pool? Secondly, your youngest child is 17, why do YOU WANT my daughter to swim in your pool?

The last two summers of doing day care has taught me to NEVER underestimate what the folks who take care of kids may have to go through just to keep them safe...and how valuable folks are who truly take that job seriously.

So that was yesterday.

This morning, I was awakened at 6:45 by my husband with his hand on my shoulder saying, "Now remain calm, don't freak out" as he's dialing his cell phone. He then tells me that a man is sitting on our deck and that he had been in our house. He also told me that the guy had blood all over his shirt and looked like he'd been beaten up. My husband handed me he cell phone so that he could go to the living room and watch the guy out back (oh joy) while I'm calling 911 in the bed room.

It seemed like it took the police forever to get there (it didn't...about 10 - 15 minutes) and towards the end, the guy started to get insistent about coming in the house so I was scared for Josh. I stood in the hallway and closed my daughter's door because I wasn't letting him down that hall.

The police came and cuffed him immediately. It turns out he was looking for some guy named "Jack" and he'd parked his truck out front of our house pointed straight at the curb with the truck bed hanging out in the road. He also had to come through two gates to get into our fenced-in backyard, which is why we just use the screen door when it's warm at night.

Not anymore.

My landlord (mommy of the boys) decided that since they were leaving to go camping around 1:00 pm anyway she'd keep the boys and give Morrigan and I a break. That's a good thing because it seems that the cloudy weather plus the events of the last two days have sucked the energy right out of us. She's laying in the bed next to me while I'm typing on the laptop.

At least maybe I can catch up on my writing.


Blogger Radical Catholic Mom said...

Wow. :{

Just . . .wow. Yeah, isn't it interesting when it comes to your babies how protective moms are? When I grabbed my daughter to safety from the fighting dogs I left my husband outside when I slammed it. My first instinct was to protect my daughter and hope for my hubby's safety.

Good for you to listen to those red flags. Yeah. The numbers of freaks are high. Frankly, I don't trust a lot of people when it comes to my kid.

You have a good husband.

5/30/2008 9:52 PM  
Blogger CelticDiva said...

Heh - now it turns out that the boy with the stick's dad says he can't play with the kids I watch anymore.

Sheesh...like that's a loss?

And yes, I have a wonderful husband! Thank you!

5/31/2008 1:11 AM  

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