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Thursday, May 08, 2008

OK - since I live in Alaska I must mention it...

...even though all the MSM outlets and some of the blogs have analyzed every minute of the sentencing hearing...

Vic Kohring Sentenced to 3 1/2 Years (per the ADN)
A federal judge sentenced former Wasilla state Rep. Vic Kohring to 3½years in prison Thursday for taking bribes in a scheme to keep Alaska oil taxes down.

"Unfortunately, in the end, he sold out the trust which he had worked so hard to earn," U.S. District Court Judge John Sedwick said in pronouncing the sentence.

Kohring maintains he didn't break any laws and will fight through appeals.

"My conscience is clear. I did nothing criminal. I was a little naïve, I will admit to that," Kohring told the judge.

Kohring's suit was rumpled and he said he had to hitchhike to court from the Valley after his borrowed truck broke down on the highway. It appeared that he hadn't cut his hair since his trial last fall.

Yeah...that hair...look at it...that was the biggest story of the day! Most of the reams of comments on the blogs I read are about the hair.

My favorite comment is from Valley Trash:
You decide

Is he Davy Jones from the Monkeys

Or a 60's version of Paul MacCartny

Weird flamer artist Andy Warhol

Someone already threw the Austin Powers out there.

None the less I feel bad for the poor bastard, with hair like that 3 1/2 years is going to seem like a lifetime.


Blogger Radical Catholic Mom said...

Oh my gosh! That was EXACTLY my reaction. I kept wondering what on earth happened to his hair! Shallow, but true!

5/09/2008 7:02 AM  
Blogger Grimbles said...

He looks somewhat like a (very) haggard Kevin Spacey with a bag wig.

5/09/2008 7:20 AM  
Blogger clark said...

rodney bigenheimer.

5/09/2008 7:22 PM  
Blogger CelticDiva said...

Rodney Bigenheimer?

5/09/2008 11:22 PM  

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