Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis: Not-so-Super Tuesday? Mini-Super Tuesday? Ugh!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Not-so-Super Tuesday? Mini-Super Tuesday? Ugh!

***UPDATE***CNN calls Obama and McCain the winners in Vermont.

Wow - watching CNN, you would have no idea that Barack Obama is the front runner and has won the last 11 primaries/caucuses decisively. What does Wolf Blitzer want to talk about? If Hillary wins the nomination, what are her chances against McCain.


Jack Cafferty keeps trying to inject some realism into the gaga eyes of the CNN Hillarybots...they should listen to him. By doing the math, he declared that in order for Hillary to win the popular delegates, she has to win the next 15 states by double digits.

"But that doesn't count the Superdelegates," Wolf interjects. (Duh - that's why he said "popular delegates.")

"She can win with those."

Wolf must not be paying attention to his own team of pundits. The report they did just prior to that discussion was on the exit polls. They discovered that at least 60% of those voting in ALL of the states with primaries today believed that the Superdelegates should vote the "will of the people" of their state, not their own choices.

These Supers are politicians themselves, dependent upon the voters for their jobs.
Exactly how does he think Hillary is going to get all those Superdelegates if she doesn't win those 15 states decisively?

Well the polls are about to close in Vermont. Let's get this party started...


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