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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Country Music on Sunday Afternoons

Stu Schulman ~ Keith Junot ~ Sandy Heikes ~ Doug McCullough

Henry's Great Alaska Restaurant 3pm-6pm every Sunday afternoon
Playing classic country, western swing and more!
Family atmosphere, bring the kids and grandkids -- they need to hear real, live music, too!
8001 Old Seward Highway at 80th, just north of Dimond.
http://www.henrysalaska.com 770-0500

Morrigan and I went to Henry's for the first time today because my friend Patti organized a nice country jam on Sundays. I knew that the band has the best country musicians in the state - Stu Schulman and Keith Junot are internationally known steel guitar and fiddle players respectively not to mention Junot and veteran Alaska drummer Sandy Heikes can do some sweet country crooning!

However, I had NO idea how REALLY GOOD the food was!

Morrigan and I started with a Henry's specialty - the sampler version of their Henry's Famous Crawfish Pie. It was light and delicious! Then I had a Henry's Lancaster Sandwich - roast beef with grilled onions, peppers and melted Swiss on Rye served with Au Jus. On the side I had a cup of their Seafood Chowder - not as good as the Crawfish Pie and the sandwich but still quite tasty.

OK - I wasn't planning on writing a restaurant review!

It was a nice Sunday afternoon family outing. I had my daughter plus many folks also brought their children.

I'm going to suggest this for a KUDO get together as it's enjoyable country for folks that don't necessary listen to country. (While I won't listen to most of the local country stations, I dearly love the music I grew up with - Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Waylon, Willie, Kris Kristofferson, Buck Owens, etc...) My daughter is a country fan and she said she'd like to go back next weekend.

However, she ALSO wants me to bring her cousins because "adults are so BORING!"


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