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Saturday, March 08, 2008


Republican Party coup threatened

Alaska Republican Party Chairman Randy Ruedrich is facing a coup attempt from disgruntled Republicans who say corruption has hobbled the party during his tenure as leader and he needs to go.

I would comment about how long it took them, but I'm just damn glad it may happen now!

Joe Miller, Interior regional chair of the state Republican Party, is calling on Ruedrich to step down.

"If he doesn't, there will be a vote to oust him," said Miller, a Fairbanks attorney. "We believe there's a vast majority of delegates going to the state convention this week that want him to resign."

If Joe Miller is involved, this is clearly serious. There have been many Republicans who have wanted Ruedrich gone for a long time but knew he was too powerful. They must be pretty sure they've got the votes.

Ruedrich said Saturday that he has no intention of resigning. He said the political corruption scandal, in which three former Republican state legislators have been convicted on federal bribery charges, is not the fault of the state party.

"I have a commitment to Alaska Republicans to lead the party to victory in 2008 as I did in 2006," Ruedrich said.

Ruedrich said there was no opposition when he was re-elected to another four-year term as party chairman in 2006. He wouldn't comment on whether he thinks he still has enough support to keep the job.

Wow, the fact that the cocky Mr. Ruedrich wouldn't comment sounds like he smells blood in the water and realized that it's his.

Interior Republican leader Miller said it would take a two-thirds vote of the convention delegates to suspend party rules and get Ruedrich out before his term ends in 2010.

Yup, they've been polling or something because they must be pretty sure they've got the two-thirds already to do this. The Repubs are generally too afraid of failure - of looking "weak" - to try anything unless they're already pretty dang sure about the outcome.

Thanks Dan and Bill!!!!!!! Your "butt dialing" may have just accomplished what thousands of ethical Democrats and Republicans (including Gov. Palin) have been unable to do!


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