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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Don't Feed the Puppy

I had a wonderful late/early breakfast with one of my best friends in the entire world.

We had one of those brilliant, chaotic, unfocused, insightful conversations that only two women over 40 who know each other well can have. (Maybe it's because everything seems more profound at 2:00 am?)

Since it was two women talking one hot topic was "relationships."

For years, she and I had roughly the same "luck" with relationships - we could always pick out the sickest, most dysfunctional, drug addicted, alcoholic, wife-beating stalker in the room. Both of us have improved quite a bit over the years. (My luck completely changed seven years ago when I met my husband.) However, my friend the musician has been so busy with her career over the years (because unlike me, she actually has one) she really hasn't been able to meet people in settings more conducive to healthy individuals. (i.e. not a bar)

During the part of the conversation discussing "needy" men, we determined that she "can't feed the puppy" or she'll never get rid of him.

This is my new metaphor for life, love and everything.

I think we'll get T-shirts made.


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