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Friday, September 15, 2006

Indian Summer and new "retirement"...i.e. excuses why I'm not writing...

This has been the first couple of weeks of my new, voluntary unemployment after 15 years in the Feds.

It's really hard to concentrate on anything serious, as my daughter is demonstrating quite well in this picture. This past week has been beautiful!

However, today was rainy so I started writing again.

I'm slowly working on a series of posts regarding the disservice, union-busting and demonizing being done to Federal Civil Service workers. There's so much material it's just flat overwhelming.

However, I promise I'll have the first part posted by Tuesday. It would be earlier except that I...ahem...will be boating in Seward this weekend!

This is actually pretty common...the tourists are gone and now the real Alaskans are trying to cram in as much "summer" in these last couple of weeks as possible.

I'm taking my camera so I hope to get some good pictures!


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