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Friday, May 09, 2008

Alaska Superdelegate *UPDATE*

***UPDATE to my post from yesterday:***

Alaska Politics Blog did a post on the Alaska Superdelegate question:
Alaska's four superdelegates are still evenly split - one each for Obama and Clinton and two who haven't committed to either.

"This probably the most monumental decision I have made in my life," said Cindy Spanyers, an uncommitted superdelegate from Juneau. "The overwhelming importance of it is weighing on me and causing me to reflect and think about my values, Alaskan Democrats, the future."

Blake Johnson, the other uncommitted Alaskan, seems to be enjoying the attention.

"Basically we're getting an opportunity to talk to people we never would if we had committed," said Johnson, who lives in Kenai.

He said he was recently on a teleconference with Hillary Clinton, for example. Johnson said he takes the opportunity to push Alaska issues and lobby to have the candidates spend some time here.

Uhhh...Blake...it's not supposed to be about you and the famous/powerful people YOU get to meet. If you want to do the state some good, why not "spend some time" with the man who is actually going to be the nominee? Why not announce for Obama when every Superdelegate who does so is making headlines instead of waiting until the end when no one will care?

Alaska Democratic voters, of course, were a lot more pro-Obama than the state's superdelegates. Obama got 75 percent of the Democratic vote in Alaska's February caucuses.

I find it interesting that Kyle Hopkins chose to end the post this way...making it clear that the Superdelegates aren't as "pro-Obama" as their Alaskan Constituents.

It makes their "waiting" posture even more quetionable. Are they thinking about helping Hillary Clinton overturn the clear winner?

This all reeks of "politics as usual" and is one more example of why the Superdelegate system needs to go.

If you want to contact these Superdelegates and let them know how you feel--with respect and manners, please--here are the emails:

Blake Johnson -

Cindy Spanyers -

I'm also including the Democratic Chair who has declared for Clinton:
Patti Higgins -


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