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Friday, August 01, 2008

I'm evoking an old (Southeast) Alaska tradition...

Anchorage is literally having the coldest, cloudiest summer on record.

We even got "termination dust" (snow) on the Palmer mountains in mid-July. That's wrong on so many levels...

Patti Greene spent many years living in the Southeast (Juneau and Kodiak) where sunny days are rare and relished. On this oh-so-rare sunny day in this oh-so-cold summer of 2008, she reminded me of our late Governor Jay Hammond's habit of suspending government business on a sunny day in Juneau. Heck, a sunny day in Kodiak even meant that the kids got out of school!

In fond memory of the spirit of Gov. Hammond, I am declaring today a "sunny-day-holiday" from the computer...at least until nightfall!

Happy Weekend, everyone!!!!

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